Nemet un nor (Just a Door)

Featuring QUINQUIS (who kindly provided this rough translation)

A-hed an noz
Ken hir
O c'hortoz
Un hent

Hon noz 
Ken skuizh
E oamp

Stard ac'hanon ouzhit
Stard va daouarn difiñv
Stard eo din

Bet 'oamp eno
Gant spi
Ha didro
O tiouel

Pa on dihunet 
E oa da benn
Ouzh va c'hein
Ne gouskes ket

Ne alanes ket ken don
Pa on dihunet
Ne oa na vor 
Na nadoz

Nemet un nor
Hag ur prenestr
A selle ouzh ar porzh

Pa on dihunet
E vougemp

All night long
So long
For a path

Our night
So tired
We were

Hold me tightly against you
Hold my still hands tightly
It's hard for me

We had gone there
With hope
And directly
Stoping crying

When I woke up
Your head was
On my back
You didn't sleep

You didn't breathe as deeply

When i woke up
There was no sea
Nor needle* 

Only a door
And a window
With a view on the harbour

When i woke up

We were suffocating

(in breton language a compass is called a sea-needle)